Monday, July 30, 2012

Nursery Project #8

This was a really easy one, once I found what I was looking for.  I decided I wanted some cute bookends to go on the bookcase.  I went to Hobby Lobby looking for ceramic birds I could paint (Krylon makes a spray paint called Watermelon that perfectly matches the darker coral/pink in the fabrics).  I found nothing!  I was quite surprised.  I did find two wicker baskets for the bottom shelf that I've filled with toys and they are perfect but still, I would have thought for sure they'd have ceramics to paint.

I went to Michael's next and found these cute little birds on clearance for .99/each.  They're actually salt and pepper shakers.  I filled the holes with spackle, painted them and then filled them with, well, salt, to give them a little extra weight.  They are a little on the light side but I really like the pop of color they add to the bookcase.

I'm still figuring out the display items and which
books I want on there so this isn't anywhere near
finished but it's coming along...


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