Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Nursery Project #6 and a sneak peek

I'm really on a roll with this whole blogging thing. :)  I'm also getting a lot done with the nursery, which makes me happy.  I finished edging the quilt (which turned out acceptably but not perfect because my border fabric was apparently somewhat twisted but oh well) and I started the wall collage of fabric-covered embroidery hoops (that project is going to take a while to finish).  I also made a really quick, really cute pillow case for the pillow on my nursery chair by modifying a tutorial I found here.  I'm thinking about adding buttons on the pink strip, what do you think?



  1. Very pretty, Janai. I think the buttons would be adorable on the pillow.

    I remember making embroider hoop "pictures" when Annie was little. The style then was you made them out of lace fabric that had pictures in the lace design. If that makes sense. We would add ribbons and buttons.

  2. That sounds pretty Ruth. I am appliquéing felt birds and flowers onto some of the hoops and leave the rest plain.