Friday, July 27, 2012

Nursery Project #7

This may not technically be a project but I had a moment of inspiration and came up with an idea that I think has the possibility of being pretty cute.

We have a lot of "stuff" in our house that just kind of sits around taking up space and I'm trying to see how many things I can either repurpose or donate.  I am also trying to find ways to add a little more texture to the nursery.  I have this white pot from Ikea that's been "decorating" the powder room (unsuccessfully).  I thought I could use it on the dresser somehow to put her little headbands in but it wouldn't be super practical.  I then had a flash of brilliance, found a foam floral ball that I was using somewhere else and these short bamboo skewers that were just laying around in a drawer.  The idea is to create a "bouquet" using her clip-on flowers for her headbands (I've just added a few random ones I made a few years ago to get an idea of what it would look like-the only one I'd use with her is the pink one).  It seems to work pretty well, I just need to make more cute flower clips.  I'm going to hang her headbands on one of the hooks on the bird hanger that hopefully will be mounted this weekend.

Update:  Here's a picture with some of the flowers I've made for her.  I think it's quite cute. :)


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