Sunday, March 6, 2011

Why polygamy doesn't work.

I have always told Jeremiah that the reason I could never be a polygamist wife is because women (myself included) are not good at sharing their men.  I was backed up by proof that this is actually an inborn, innate setting in women's brains last weekend at stake conference.

We decided we wanted soft seats and since the chapel was already filled, we went into to the Relief Society room to watch the talks in there.  Apparently this was a popular place for people with children in the 18-24 month range and we ended up sitting behind several families of small kiddos.  Sitting next to Jeremiah was an adorable little boy named Matthias who, after carefully watching the other children swarm a mother with treats, decided to join the fray.  Upon making his presence known to the group, he was immediately set upon by a precocious little brunette named Lucy.  She decided they should hold hands and swing their arms while she whispered/babbled sweet nothings to him.  Matthias did not object.

In comes Girl #2 (I never learned her name).  After watching how much fun Lucy and Matthias were having, she decided she wanted to join in.  Now, take note, she had no desire to steal Matthias away from Lucy.  No, she merely wanted to share him.  Lucy would have none of this.  After successfully disengaging Girl #2's hand from Matthias' (who had no objection to sharing himself between two lovely ladies, also apparently an inborn trait), Lucy carefully but forcefully steered her back to her mother, even placing her hand inside her mom's so she could play the swinging-arm game there.  She then backed Matthias down the aisle in order to be out of range of any other women who might hold similar ideas.

Like I've always said.  Girls. Don't. Share.

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