Saturday, March 5, 2011

Little Jaunt

We had a fun little over-nighter to Ogden recently and quite enjoyed ourselves.

Thursday afternoon we drove up to Ogden and stayed with Jeremiah's aunt Susan, uncle Doug and grandpa Doug.  They were kind enough to take us to their favorite restaurant, Javier's, for some yummy Mexican food and put us up for the night, even though they were getting ready to leave on a cruise the next day.

On Friday morning, I got up early and drove to the last day of the USHA Conference (Utah Speech-Language and Hearing Association.  I'm on the executive board--I do the newsletter and take pictures of events).  I got to introduce one of my former (and favorite) teachers/clinical supervisors from graduate school, Nancy Alarcon, and listen on her great classes for the entire day before heading back to Susan and Doug's to help them get ready for their cruise (Jeremiah and I showed them how to prep their Flip and iPad for the trip).  Then they were sweet enough to take us to Winger's for dinner before we left (it was my first experience there--pretty yummy but I wish I wasn't so stuffed from the conference food--we had bagels and fruit for breakfast, donuts for a mid-morning snack, roast with veggies for lunch and chips with salsa and guacamole for an afternoon snack).  We got home at 10 to our cooped-up crazy cat and enjoyed settling into our wonderfully soft bed for the night.  It was a nice 24-hours.

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