Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Exciting News!

Well, sort of.  I realized I forgot to post that my license FINALLY came through and I began working for TinyEYE Therapy Services yesterday morning.  I spent the entire day working with a group of school children on the Louis Bull reservation in central Alberta.  It was a tough day due to super slow internet speeds that kept freezing video and audio but we managed to get through everyone and it was really fun.  I worked this morning at another school in Alberta (that thankfully had much faster internet so I only had to deal with a little audio lag, which was still a bit annoying because I ended up talking over the kids and aide a lot) but my afternoon school was cancelled due to a weather-related school closure (I guess that's what you get for living in Alberta).  I'll be working fairly close to full time for the next few weeks as I make up sessions we lost with the kids while waiting for my license to come through, then it'll pare back to 15-20 hours a week until mid-to-late June.  It's good to be working again but I do miss not having to use an alarm.  :)

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