Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More My Style

This week's class is more my style, shabby chic.  I decided to scrap our Valentine's photos (at least some of them, I will turn this layout into a double in the next few days).  We had a fun Valentine's.  We decided to keep it cheap so we went to the dollar theater to watch "Megamind" (but since it was in 3D there was an extra charge, plus I got our tickets online and the tickets aren't really a dollar any more for a normal movie so in the end it actually cost us $3.50 each but hey, that's still not bad), then we went to one of my most favorite restaurants ever--Zupa's!  It is a wonderful soup-salad-panini place that if you are blessed to live in Utah, you may have been to.  I got soup (lobster bisque, a good choice but next time I will follow my heart and get what I always get--wild mushroom bisque.  Heaven!!  When I'm feeling up to par, I like to do the combo with a chipotle chicken salad) and Jeremiah had a panini and berry salad.  They always give you chocolate dipped strawberries for dessert so it was pretty much perfect!


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