Thursday, August 30, 2012

Almost through the second trimester

I am 26 weeks along today, I can't believe how quickly this is going.  I can feel Little Miss kicking away a lot of the time, especially at night when I am trying to sleep. :)  She'll get bunched up on one side and I can feel the shape of her head or bum (actually not sure which is which...) and that's probably the weirdest/coolest thing, actually feeling this little body we've managed to create (with a lot of help from the wonderful people at Utah Fertility in Pleasant Grove).

I am getting really excited to meet her but I'm glad we still have about three months.  I am a member of a birth forum for December 2012 babies and several of the mothers have given birth already due to complications and their babies are fighting for their lives in the NICU (some haven't made it, which breaks my heart).  It makes me super grateful for the easy pregnancy I've had (hope I didn't just jinx myself).  She has done perfectly well the entire time and except for one very minor episode of spotting early on, we haven't had to be worried about anything.  Not that we didn't worry, we just didn't really have a reason to worry.  I think it comes with being first time parents so we don't really know what's "normal", compounded with our fertility struggles and two losses.  We're getting better about that...

I continue to find things to make for her (I've made three of those little pillowcase dresses in a variety of forms and I'm working on altering a onesie into a dress) and I'm really happy with how the nursery is shaping up.  I really wanted it to be an attractive space and it's actually looking the way I imagined it would (this does not happen to me very often).  On Monday, for our Family Home Evening activity, we hung paper lantern/balls in one corner to give a little more dimension/interest to that part of the room.  I instructed, Jeremiah hung.  It worked out quite well. :)  I got them at JoAnn's with my 40% off coupon which made them about $10.  They are a Martha Stewart party product, six to a box in three colors and two sizes.  I was thrilled that the colors were a great match for the corals and pinks in the room.  We used clear 3M hooks on the ceiling and white ribbon that my Cub Scout master hubby tied into taut lines so I can adjust the height if necessary. I'm happy with, if I could just get those darned curtains done.


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