Friday, October 12, 2012

I'm Back Again

Dobby thought he found a cozy little spot for himself but
unfortunately I had to make him leave so he wouldn't
get in the habit of jumping in with her.
Wow, I dropped the ball, didn't I?  Things got pretty busy and I got pretty tired there for a while.  Here's a quick update:

1.  I went home to Washington for a week in September to visit my family and have my first baby shower.  It was great to see everyone and I had a wonderful shower.  Unfortunately I came down with a cold my second day there that didn't go away until I'd been back in Utah for a week.  Being sick while pregnant is not much fun.  At least I was still able to enjoy the warm weather and playing with my oh-so-cute nephew, Phoenix.
The super yummy cake from my shower.  It was white
with lemon filling.

My grandmother crocheted a doll theater troupe.

2.  I hit my third trimester in early September and my energy boost from the second went away pretty quickly.  When I got home from Washington I was pretty drained from being sick and being pregnant so I didn't do a whole lot for the rest of the month.

3.  At the end of September, my friend Jocelyn took some maternity shots for me.  They turned out really well, in my opinion.

This photo mimics a similar pose we
did during our engagement photo session.
4.  I've had a little more energy this month and have managed to do some baking, work on photobooks and get back into Daughters of the Utah Pioneers.  I love being in this group (mostly older ladies) and look forward to being able to take my daughter with me soon.

5.  As far as working on the nursery is concerned, that had slowed down considerably in September, mostly since there wasn't a lot left to do and I was procrastinating what there was.  I received a lot of cute outfits and blankets for my shower, which I have washed and organized into her closet and dresser.  I also made some art in Photoshop, printed it and framed it (along with re-matting and framing a painting my grandmother commissioned for me when I was 1).

6.  On Tuesday we went on our traditional pumpkin picking adventure half a mile from our house.  Jeremiah trooped around the fields and presented pumpkins for my approval.  We found three nicely shaped ones and decided against carving them so they'll last the whole month.  They look great sitting on the front porch.

This pumpkin is to represent the baby.
My belly is bigger. :)  Don't mind my
face, I've been in a no make up mood
for a while.
7.  Today I finally finished the last bit of decorating and got the fabric hoops up over her crib!!  I still want to add her first initial to the middle hoop and I'm going to put sticky tack on the back of all of them to give them a little more permanence but for all intents and purposes, the nursery is done!

I am very happy with it!  I need to get out my wide angle
and take a photo of the whole room next.
I am 32 weeks (as of yesterday) and most definitely feeling pregnant.  She is developing perfectly and likes to kick and stretch my belly throughout the day but mostly at night.  I have started bi-weekly doctors visits, which is crazy to me.  We start our prenatal class in a week and a half.  I have her bag packed and ready to go and most of mine is done as well.  We're reaching the home stretch!

My cats are too cute.  Dobby snuggled up so close to Simba
that Simba had to drape his leg around Dobby's back.


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  1. Good job on getting everything ready, it looks so good!

    Dobby and Simba are just too cute, I hope they are sweet to her when she comes!