Monday, May 3, 2010

A Good Day

It was quite a productive and relaxing day today. I went to the chiropractor in the morning and got some of the knots in my shoulders worked out with ultrasound (don't ask me how it's supposed to work), then after going to Costco, mowing the lawn and doing laundry, I went to The Retreat Full Service Salon here in Springville for an amazing 75-minute massage as part of their Teacher Appreciation Week package for only $25, with a free haircut thrown in!  It was quite lovely and I think I may have to go back again--soon!  I've had knots in my shoulders that are hard as granite since I was about 2 and now they've softened up to a really tough leather.  :)  It's progress.

After I was pampered at the salon, I got home to find that we had been invited over for dinner by the Cooleys.  Not having to cook dinner on top of a massage?  Priceless!!  I did make cookies to take over in order to test out my new baking stone (I think I'll stick to using it for bread and pizza, you have to pre-warm it and that's difficult with cookies) but baking yummy, melty, chocolate chip cookies is not an onerous chore.

Now I'm all set to go to bed early and read my weekend book deal--The Wrath of Ezra (Book 4 in the Leven Thumps series) for $4.99 in hardback and signed by the author!  I have books 2-4, all in hardback, all purchased at Seagull Books from the clearance table, all for $9 (I got super lucky and the first 2 were only $2 each).  I just need to get Book 1 and I'll be set but it's not showing up on clearance (apparently when they get in the first of a series in clearance, they sell out pretty fast) and so far I have not been able to talk myself into paying full price, even though I've already saved like $30 on the other 3.  Some day, I just know it'll be sitting there, with a big red sticker saying $3.99...


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