Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Quick Recap

I am really starting to slow down now that I am in that final month.  Pretty much everything hurts and all I want to do is sleep but we did manage to do a few things the last half of October.  No crafting at the moment (although I do want to make new Christmas stockings) but some fun activities.  Here's a quick run down.

1.  Jeremiah participated in our neighborhood's second annual Quidditch match and seemed to have a really good time.  I love our neighborhood!

2.  I had my second and third baby showers:  the second one was thrown by my good friend Jocelyn for all my neighborhood friends and the third was done by Jeremiah's cousins Natalie and Geneva for family here in Utah.  They were both wonderful and this little girl is now well-stocked with adorable outfits.

3.  We went on a baby moon to Cedar City so we could attend our first (and probably last for a good long while) Shakespeare Festival.  We stayed at the lovely Iron Gate Inn, checked out the Frontier State Park, saw Hamlet (very well done) and drove through Cedar Breaks National Monument.  It was a really fun two days.

4.  We spent two Monday evenings in a prenatal class; a lot of it was a review of things I've been reading for the last 8 months but it was really good for Jeremiah.

5.  Started a home improvement project (enlarging our hall closet into a walk-in/understairs storage area so we can clear space in our bedroom closets for people stuff) that is taking a little/lot longer than expected but will be really nice when completed (hopefully at the end of the week...).

I will try to post pictures later, for some reason Blogspot is not recognizing the current photo library and I can't access them.

All we have left to do is wait for Little Miss to decide to make an appearance.  I'm kind of hoping that happens in 2-3 weeks but if she decides to take her time, I suppose I'll survive.

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