Monday, September 19, 2011

Do You Know Me?

While I'm waiting for things to scan, I may as well do another post.  Is it weird to have two separate posts on the same day?  I don't know, don't care.  :)

I've been slowly slogging through photos from Jeremiah's grandparents, scanning them in and attempting to find out as much information as I can in order to put together a family keepsake album.  Recently I was delivered another box of photos of people that are completely unknown to those who have seen them so far.

They are really really cool vintage photos; I'm using them for the textures and frames of the old folders they're in, for my digital scrapping kits.  I'm guessing they were taken between 1880s-1920s mostly in the Logan/Ogden region (although I've come across a couple from LA and San Franciscio).  I'm thinking about starting a blog/site where I can post these pictures and hopefully get enough people to look at it that we can maybe identify some of these people (I'm happy to send full res copies to people who think they may have located photos of relatives).  Here are a couple to start out with while I figure out how to format and host a dedicated site.


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