Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Working on it...

My goal today was to finish...anything.  While I didn't finish the things I had originally set out to do, I did manage to finish:

1.  Editing the real estate photos from yesterday so Jeremiah could post them and make $$$.

2.  Going through the magazine rack, tearing out the recipes I want for a binder and recycling everything else.  I'm going to try and use at least one menu or recipe from every cookbook or collection I've got by the end of 2010.

3.  Percy Jackson and the Titan's Curse.  The books are definitely better than the movie.

4.  30 minutes working out on the Wii.  I like the yoga exercises and step aerobics.

5.  Editing what I have for my grandmother's biography.  I am now gathering additional information through email interviews.  She had quite an interesting life, going through WWII in Nazi-occupied Belgium and Czechoslovakia.

6.  Sending a birthday card to my cousin who was born when I was 21, making me feel old.

7.  Addressing Jeremiah's birthday invitations.  It's gonna be fun!!!

8.  Holding out hope that I would make Jessica Sprague's design team.  :(  Really disappointed about that one.  I would have gotten access to all the store content plus her awesome classes, for free!  Guess I need to keep honing my scrapping skills.

9.  A blog post two days in a row.


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