Monday, April 26, 2010

Some recent projects

This post is primarily for my mother, who wants pictures of all the things we've been up to but I'm not very reliable at doing that.

So far this spring, we've done lots of things:  we've gotten a new patio set (which I put together), organized the garden shed and set up shelves and curtains in our kitchen niche (in lieu of the $2,000 custom cabinetry we were looking into doing.  Maybe we'll get to them somewhere down the line but right now we have other places to put our money).  We are hoping to get edging done in a few weeks, plus expand the garden and add a drip system to the boxes already in place.  I've also been working on improving my cake decorating skills, which has been a lot of fun (and pretty delicious!).

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  1. Yeay, Janai I'm so excited to blogstalk you! Haha, since we don't see each other at least once a week anyway.... :)