Friday, January 30, 2015

Can it be? Another post?

Yay!  Both girls are napping AT THE SAME TIME! They have been kind of hit and miss lately but every afternoon this week, I have had two solid hours to myself to catch up on things.  Mostly I have been catching up on two years of scrapbooking for our family in general, each of the girls, my nephew and other family members.  I am getting caught up every day and it feels great.

So, my little Miss M is quite the precocious child.  She has known all of her letters (upper and lower case) plus their sounds for some months now.  She also rote counts to 10 with no problem and is getting better and better at counting to 20.  She counts up to 5 objects with consistent one-to-one correspondence, knows all her colors and basic shapes.  In fact, at a recent trip to a restaurant, she starting making her straw into triangles and rectangles.  Basically, she's a genius and I'm freaking out since she is only just barely two years old and I feel tremendous responsibility in regards to her education.

As a result of how quickly she picks them up with incidental teaching and our own experiences in the public system as "gifted" students, Jeremiah and I are extremely serious about homeschooling, where I will be able to tailor curriculum to the girls needs, interests and levels more easily than a single teacher with 30 students can.  I have been doing a lot of reading lately and think I have found the combination of philosophies that works for our family (theoretically for now), classical with a touch of unit study and Charlotte Mason/literature based study.  I have signed up for conferences, subscribed to blogs, newsletter and email lists, joined local homeschool support groups and generally done all I can think to do at this time.  My sister-in-law is going to start homeschooling her children this fall and I think we are going to start a little blog to help share our finds with each other and anyone else who might be interested.

Currently I'm trying to figure out if I start more formally teaching her now or if I continue with the teaching in the moment that we have been doing so far.  I go back and forth almost hourly.  I am looking into putting together a little joy school/neighborhood preschool with a few other moms in the area, even if it's just to work on social skills and give the girls kids to play with on a smaller and more personal scale than the library or children's museum (especially since so many babies around us are coming down with RSV, it makes me want to hole up in the house until spring).

If anyone still sees this poor, neglected blog and has any advice/experience they'd be willing to impart, that would be so helpful!

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