Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Good-bye, Mac.

No, not my computer.  My beloved Toyota Corolla was demolished by an evil BMW two weeks ago.  Here's a plea to all drivers (but especially those on construction-choked I-15 in Utah County) PLEASE look in front of you when you are driving!!  I had stopped to avoid an accident that occurred directly in front of me but apparently the driver behind me was paying more attention to the lanes next to him than the one he was in.  If I sound a little bitter, I am.  Not only was I not ready to get a new car for at least 2-3 more years, but the driver who hit me, while very nice and solicitous at the scene, didn't have the courtesy to keep his insurance current so now our insurance is dealing with everything (and going after him).  It could have been worse; I'm currently under chiropractic care to deal with some neck and back issues caused by the accident but other than my car and my spine, I lucked out.  Thankfully we were just getting on the freeway and traffic was heavy enough to keep us going relatively slow.  If he'd hit me at standard Utah freeway speeds, my car might not have been the only total loss.

You wouldn't think this kind of damage would total a car, but he hit me in the perfect place to bend my frame, break my wheel axle thingy and do all this body damage to a 10-year old vehicle that some (impersonal insurance adjustors) people don't believe is worth fixing, merely because some Blue Book says it's not "worth" as much as the repairs.  They don't take in to account the reliability of the vehicle over the last decade, the fact that it did not need to be replaced before being assaulted by some German import and that I was very emotionally attached to my first and only car to date (having paid for it all myself).  That adds at least $8K to it's value, in my unbiased opinion.  Grr.


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