Saturday, June 19, 2010

Home again

I feel like we've barely been home since school got out.  On June 10th we drove up to Washington for a quick trip (so quick, I didn't even tell my friends I'd be there because I knew our time would be too short for a real visit with anyone outside family.  Sorry.) for my brother's graduation from Eastern Washington University with his master's in computer something stuff.  It was a nice ceremony, much better than his undergrad graduation with 2400 other students in the scorching out sun.  This one was cooler and much shorter.  We then spent two days celebrating my birthday and gushing over my nephew before driving 10 hours back home so I could take more pictures of Jeremiah's rental units and try to get into some kind of routine (which so far consists of going to bed really really late and that's about it).

I'm excited to be home for a few weeks straight and have people come see us for a change.  Here are some pictures from our quick trip.

Jeremiah and I after a water fight.  I won.

Phoenix likes the way Jeremiah tastes.  Or he's getting teeth.  Take your pick.

The original 5.

Phoenix exploring Uncle J's face.


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